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PS238 by Aaron Williams


It’s a shame that Aaron Williams isn’t more well-known in the graphic novel fields. I mean, I kind of get it, since he started out writing gag comics for Dragon and Dungeon magazines, and then segued into Floyd and Nodwick, two comics that relied heavily on the world of Dungeons and Dragons to really get. The creation of PS238, from what I understand, was an attempt to get broader interest in his work, and I’m digging it.

The premise behind the comic is that there’s a school for the children of superheroes, designed to be a good environment for their specialties. It might sound a little familiar, since there was a movie with the same premise, starring Kurt Russell, but the comic actually came first. The story started life as a comic, not as a gag-strip, but Williams had had a lot of time to get familiar with plotting a full-length comic book, since he had already taken that direction with Nodwick, with great success. PS238, though, is the real deal, and could easily stand with other superhero comic books, though this one has a higher “cute and funny” factor than anything DC or Marvel puts out.

And speaking of plotting, you’ll be amazed at how well Williams can tie together a lot of loose ends, and keep you interested and rooting for the heroes, even the ones who are a little less likable. He builds tension well, and the most minor of points from previous stories will play a large part in later ones. Best of all, he ties those subplots together without making it seem obvious, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the events play out.

If you want to get a taste of the comic, you can find it online at Nodwick Online. Myself, I’ve stopped reading it there so I can experience the full surprise of reading the graphic novels without having read the stories before. I believe there’s about a year’s worth of story between what’s online and what’s in print, but it updates three days a week, and it starts from the beginning. Do yourself the favor!


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